About Us

Our Vision

To be the leading career consulting team by exceeding the highest standards for ourselves, the partnerships we form, and the teams we build.

Our Mission

To develop leaders through the service of others. To provide Leverage by creating opportunity, cultivating talent and maximizing potential. To enrich the lives of our clients and the talent we serve.

Our Values

God. Family. Fun. Integrity. Passion. Purpose.

Our Mission

To develop leaders through the service of others. To provide Leverage by creating opportunity, cultivating talent and maximizing potential. To enrich the lives of our clients and the talent we serve.


FOR REAL ESTATE OFFICES: Consulting with you to find the right leaders

It’s a fact that a bad hire can cost your business triple the cost of a successful new employee. Your Realty Leverage, Inc. will eliminate the time, effort and cost an unsuccessful hire causes. Here’s how we stand behind our career consultant services.

We stand behind our talent and, if we train them, we guarantee talent for 90 days after hire.

We are the leading resource for finding talent in real estate for a reason.  Our proprietary processes pinpoint the best talent for each specific need, our training best prepares them for success, and our guarantee eliminates the risk possible with any new hire.

Keller Williams' agents know the power of Your Realty Leverage, Inc. We have successfully worked with a wide range of Keller Williams' agents to fill positions in their offices across the nation. As with Keller Williams' agents, we partner with each of our clients individually to completely understand hiring needs, corporate culture, future goals and more. We then apply information from these client relationships to our strict talent screening processes which enables Your Realty Leverage, Inc. to find, train and place the best possible candidate for each unique position.

The talent pool looking to fill any given position is enormous with each candidate having an unknown skill set. The best companies look to Your Realty Leverage, Inc. to eliminate the guesswork and then provide effective training and coaching to ensure that only the best of the best is hired.


FOR TALENT: Helping you Find and Achieve a Successful Career in Real Estate

As professionals at Your Realty Leverage, Inc. we are experts in identifying and placing talent in real estate offices across the nation because we have personally worked in the real estate business. This background, when combined with our added expertise in the career consulting and training delivers long-term results for a successful career in real estate.

We will ensure that you are prepared for your career in real estate. Your Realty Leverage, Inc. has created customized training programs, consultative coaching and will prepare you for success through our exclusive career visioning process.

The Leadership of Brindley Tucker

Under the leadership of Brindley Tucker, the way real estate professionals are recruited, trained and placed has changed forever. Her vision on how to streamline and strengthen the process from application through hire was built on her extensive experience in the real estate industry from owning a successful transaction management company to firsthand insight gained as a licensed Realtor.

Brindley shifted the focus to coaching, training, exploring individual personality traits and employing a truly consultative support philosophy to deliver the highest potential for long-term candidate and hirer success.

To accomplish best results, Brindley developed the Transaction Management Academy, a truly unique, highly effective training system that delivers a comprehensive, detailed roadmap for peak performance in the real estate business.

Our Team

Brindley Tucker, Chief Executive Officer

Brindley Tucker, in her leadership role as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), is the driving force behind the growing success of Your Realty Leverage, Inc. Building on her previous experience as the owner of a successful transaction management company, she applies her extensive expertise to find, motivate, train and guide those looking to start and/or grow their careers in the real estate industry.

Brigid Kupfersmith, Director of Operations

Developer, positivity, inclusive, empathy, and arranger. These are the strengths that have allowed Brigid to become an integral participant in YRL’s success. Building on her previous experience as the Director of Operations for a high producing real estate team, Brigid is focused on developing people, systems, and processes. 


Brigid is also a licensed Realtor in Oklahoma City. Originally from Philadelphia, Brigid earned her degree in Communication Studies from West Chester University. Brigid is passionate about helping others understand their value so they can have the confidence to live out their potential. This passion lead Brigid to co-found the Work Your Worth podcast. In her free time, Brigid enjoy’s going to concerts with friends, quality time with family, and long walks with her dog, Conrad.

Rachel Ford, Career Consultant

Rachel has worked in real estate operations for more than a decade.  Her first opportunities in real estate were as an office administrator and property manager in the University of Texas campus area of Central Austin.  She then became a licensed realtor and was recruited by brokers in that area to the Director of Operations and Manager positions.  After dedicating herself to the growth of those businesses, she decided to become a full-time realtor and teamed up with Uptown Realty, LLC to continue her pursuit of helping students and investors find rental properties in the heart of Austin. 


Rachel and her husband Evan, have a 1-year-old daughter, Iris, and a 2-year-old labrador, Ranger, as part of their growing family.  Wanting to be closer to extended family, they moved to Colorado last year and are enjoying the beautiful weather and mountains since they enjoy hiking and camping.  Rachel is also active playing and managing a sand volleyball program.

Meaghan Easters, Director of Training

Meaghan is uniquely qualified as a YRL Trainer through her years of professional experience in Real Estate, Luxury New Home Construction and by her passion for learning. She has grown to love organization, marketing and the back end of the real estate process.

Meaghan was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. Outside of work, she loves spending time with her family, finding new coffee shops, going on outdoor adventures and volunteering in the community. 

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