Executive Assistant // Real Estate Team

Who We Are:

This real estate team has been committed to providing a unique home buying and selling experience since 2010. Beginning with only one agent, the business has grown into a team of people who are dedicated to communal and personal prosperity, focused on growth, and committed to making clients a priority. As the team has flourished, so has the neighborhood around it. Through partnerships with local businesses and organizations, the team has been able to give back to the society that has inspired its morals. Our mission is to help our community buy and sell real estate. Our vision is to achieve exceptional results, raise the standards and positively impact our neighborhoods. Our values are to support the cultures in our community, prosper through innovation, inspire self-empowerment and team collaboration and invest in our clients as they invest in their future.

Who We’re Looking For:

The Executive Assistant is an individual who is willing and able to earn the right to be our Director of Operations. This person relishes the opportunity to build, implement and manage multiple systems with minimal supervision. The Executive Assistant is deeply committed to completing tasks the right way with a high degree of quality, attention to detail and consistent communication. This person has immense focus and can do one thing for a long time without getting distracted. This individual may exhibit some drive and desire to influence; however, the overriding marker of his/her behavior is persistence and stability.

An Executive Assistant is deeply committed to supporting the lead agent in achieving greater and greater levels of success, and to growing his/her own skills and developing into a supportive leader within the team. This individual is able to tap into the vision of the team leader and assist in making that vision happen. As the success of the team grows, this individual will be responsible for hiring, training and leading additional team members to ensure all administrative tasks of the lead agent’s business continue to be completed to high standards with maximum efficiency.

  • This person is super sharp, fast-paced, passionate and can keep up with me. They communicate well in-person and in writing, common sense is their BFF and they knock out projects left and right.
  • They’re super-duper detailed – not because perfection matters, but because quality of work and an amazing experience for the business and the people we’re in business with matters.
  • When I mess stuff up (often) or think up new brilliant (maybe) ideas to improve our business, this person thinks in terms of systems and executes ways for us accomplish our goals. I repeat, everything is a system and they succeed through systems.
  • This person has a work ethic like none other. No job is too small. No task too menial. And, what makes them cool is that they know when to give up control and allow others to do repeatable tasks so that we can get more done.
  • They have high bandwidth. People often wonder how they can remember so much and do so much. It’s just how they’re wired. And, they’ve probably been this way as long as you can remember.
  • Gosh, they’re coachable. Sensitivity is curbed. And, growth is their focus. They’re this way because they have strong emotional intelligence and they are stable in their personal life.
  • This person takes extreme pride in their work and it shows up by the initiative they take, the relationships that they maintain, and the success the business exhibits.
  • They view this “job” as a primary commitment meaning that their career is such a massive part of their life that they see it as a mission vs a job and do whatever it takes to succeed and help the business succeed. Some might even call them a workaholic.
  • This person is a life-long learner and what that looks like is that they’re always seeking ways to improve themselves and their work. They do it by seeking out next-level mentors, updated systems and processes, reading, messing up, collaborating.
  • This person is truly likable. It’s because they truly care about people, doing the right thing and giving back.
  • Build, implement and manage all systems for sellers, buyers, lead generation, database management, information management and back-office support
  • Responsible for all financial systems, including maintaining the books, paying the bills, handling payroll, assuring the collection of commissions, maintaining the budget, and generating financial reports while working with our bookkeeper.
  • Create and maintain an operations manual that documents all systems and standards
  • Coordinate the purchase, installation, and maintenance of all office equipment
  • Be the first point of contact in handling customer inquiries or complaints
  • Keep the lead agent informed regarding any problems or issues that need to be handled
  • Responsible for hiring, training, consulting, and holding accountable all additional administrative team members
  • Managing team goals, holding accountability meetings with team members to ensure they are staying on track
  • Maintaining our client appreciation and referral program
  • Organize client appreciation events
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Exceptional organizational and project management abilities
  • Bookkeeping skills
  • Great ability to focus
  • Concerned about doing things the right way
  • Calm under pressure
  • Learning based
  • Service-based attitude
  • Proven ability to succeed
  • High school graduate
  • Real estate license preferred
  • 1–3 years of service and management experience
  • 3–5 years of administrative experience

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Position: Executive Assistant // Real Estate Team

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Employment Type
Full time
Real Estate
Job Location
Tacoma, WA
Base Salary
$ 30,000 - $ 50,000 + bonus
Date posted
June 13, 2018
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