Listing Manager // Real Estate Team

The Listing Manager is an individual who is passionate about achievement and draws energy from working with people.

This individual may be assigned various listing duties, such as converting appointments to agreements and launching marketing action plans for listings, until he/she has proven that he/she has the skills and leadership to prospect for leads, close for appointments, provide high-level fiduciary advice on pricing strategies and staging and negotiate contracts for listings on their own. The Listing Manager will relish the opportunity to take on greater responsibilities and will be eager to demonstrate his/her ability to push the team closer to achieving its goals.

The Listing Manager is deeply committed to the team achieving greater and greater levels of success, as well as to growing his/her own skills and developing into a leader within the team. As he/she succeeds in the role, this person may ultimately be responsible for hiring, training and leading additional listing team members to profitable results.

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Position: Listing Manager // Real Estate Team

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Job Location
Santa Barbara, CA
Date posted
June 7, 2018
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