Transaction Coordinator / Administrative Assistant

We are in search of a self-motivated, assertive, coachable, accountable, action-oriented, and optimistic individual who thrives in a fast-paced environment with a lot of moving parts to join this agent’s team. The perfect team member will be an outside of the box thinker and a problem solver who is always looking for ways to improve processes.

In addition to having or gaining the entire skill set of an accomplished real estate professional, you will be helping to manage a small company. We hope you like variety and are stimulated by diverse work responsibilities. Small business owners wear a lot of hats; as the Transaction Coordinator, you will too!

This individual will receive mentoring and coaching from the best leaders in the real estate industry. They will be exposed to HUGE opportunities and a career that will take them to places they never dreamed. As the team grows and expands, this individual’s job description may also change and grow. This person must be open to change and flexibility down the road!


Responsible for the processing of all contracts through closing.
Establish an effective line of communication between agents and clients.
Assures that all post-closing disbursements, filing, and procedures take place.
Responsible for keeping the entire team updated on the progress of all contracts and advises team members when they need to become involved in negotiations or problem resolution.
Maintains all vendor and service provider files.
Can work well independently, but also realize the value in working on a team.


Technologically savvy and able to learn new programs quickly and able to troubleshoot common issues; proficiency in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Internet skills
Have excellent attention to detail and high-level accuracy with documents
Ability to assess, prioritize and act quickly
Learning based and solution oriented
Team player who is willing to help when needed
Deadline driven and extremely organized
Continue to maintain the goodwill and reputation of the entire team
A true professional, who supports the entire team in achieving their goals
Growth mindset
Appreciation and acceptance of accountability for work

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Position: Transaction Coordinator / Administrative Assistant

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Employment Type
Full time
Real Estate
Job Location
Lakeland, FL
Base Salary
$ 26,000 - $ 30,000
Date posted
September 28, 2018
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