Mega Camp 2018

Last week, the Your Realty Leverage team attended Keller Williams’ Mega Camp 2018 in Austin, TX. The team loved the event and each team member came back with a different “aha” and something to implement.

If you have ever been to a Keller Williams event, you know that it is a powerful and non-stop learning experience. The days of Mega Camp consistent of ongoing panels with Gary Keller and successful people in the industry.

One of those successful people on a panel was our CEO, Brindley Tucker. Brindley was honored to be part of the panel on Leverage and Hiring. Her experiences in real estate have given her a unique voice for administrators and agents hiring for leverage. In addition to being the CEO of Your Realty Leverage, Brindley is also a MAPS Coach for administrators in real estate. The team couldn’t be more proud of her and the insights that she shared. To watch the live video, click HERE.

We thought it would be fun to share the aha’s from the team to show the value that each of us had from going to Mega Camp 2018. Each event and training we attend, we intend to bring back at least three things we are going to implement to make our client experience better.

Brigid Kupersmith | Director of Operations

“We all have uphill hopes and downhill habits. Downhill habits are lack of intentionality, lack of effort, lack of energy, and lack of discipline. Intentionality will get you uphill. You must create a growth environment.”

Tiffany Lawson | Head Trainer

John Maxwell teaches us that successful leaders walk beside you and not in front of you. I have changed the way I am doing stand up calls with my trainees. Instead of walking in front of them, I choose to walk beside them and share my ideas and let them look through another lens.”

Rachel Ford | Career Consultant

Lance Loken and Ben Kinney talked about how everyone wants to be just like the people on stage at Keller Williams events. Yet, they encouraged us to be what we want to be now and to strive to be others later.”

Meaghan Easters | Assistant Trainer

“John Maxwell’s quote, ‘Success is all about me,¬†significance is all about others,’ stood out to me. We live in a success-driven culture and it’s easy to forget that significance the thermometer which tells us we’ve made a difference in other people’s lives. I’m changing my goals to be more centered around significance than success.”


In addition to enjoying the panels and speakers at Mega Camp this year, our team sponsored an event for administrators on Wednesday night. The event was a huge success and a great time was had by all!



Did you attend Mega Camp? Leave a comment with your aha’s!

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