Trainer Tip: Communication

This month in our Monthly Training Webinar, we covered communication between agents and admins. In training admins, this is a topic that comes up again and again. Agents and Admins usually have fundamentally different personalities, so how can they work together?

Lay the Foundation

In order to have a successful relationship, you must lay a firm foundation. Great relationships are not created overnight, but they certainly are much easier to grow with a great start. There are several ways that you can lay a foundation for great communication.

The Expectations Conversation

Discussing expectations when someone is first hired will save you time and heartache in the long run. When both parties have the opportunity to explain what they expect in regards to communication, honesty, and their job roles, there is incredible clarity. In the future, if hard conversations are necessary, you should know how to approach them.

*For a template of the KW Expectations Conversation, email

The DISC Assessment and Keller Personality Assessment (KPA)

Personality assessments are a wonderful tool to use when hiring someone. However, we often don’t utilize them to their full potential if we aren’t looking at them after that individual is hired. For example, the DISC Assessment Results have an in-depth analysis of a person’s communication styles and preferences. It details how they prefer to receive criticism and what they would like to be communicated on a regular basis. Make sure that you completely read the results of these assessments and utilize them to their full potential.

Working Together

When working with other personalities, there will always be times that you challenge each other. Keep in mind that you both have strengths and weaknesses that the other individual does not have. In that regard, you compliment one another and can form a true partnership.

If you are facing conflict, make sure you refer back to the Expectations Conversation that you had at the beginning of your relationship. Review their personality assessment results and communicate your thoughts according to the way they will best receive them. Lastly, take responsibility for your faults in the matter and make sure that you don’t go into “victim” mode!

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