Make the Most of Mega Camp

If you are attending Mega Camp next week, you should be excited! It’s going to be an impactful week of learning and training. We can’t wait to attend the sessions and would love to see you while you’re there. Mega Camp is a big event and it takes some planning to be prepared for it. There are several things you can do before, during, and after Mega Camp to maximize your time there.

If you are an Admin who is attending Mega Camp, make sure you are in our Facebook Group, Mega Camp 2019 | Info for Admins. We will be posting more helpful advice there before and during the event!

Before Mega Camp

Since Mega Camp is NEXT WEEK, these are the things you will want to do now to get ready.

Plan your breakout schedule. 

You can find the list of breakouts on the Mega Camp website here. Take a look at the schedule and pick at least two sessions for each breakout. Sometimes the rooms will fill up quickly and you will want to have a backup plan! Command is the focus for breakouts this year. Make sure you leave Mega Camp with the knowledge you need to get setup on Command!

Plan your meals and breaks.

Is there an amazing Agent or Admin you have been wanting to get to know better? Send them a message and ask them to lunch or breakfast! The odds are that you may not see them in the crowds of thousands of people. Make sure you connect with them before you get there! Our recommendation is to spend time with people outside of your Market Center as much as possible. You see those folks all the time!

Set goals for the event.

Get intentional about what you want to learn, who you want to connect with, and what referral partnerships you want to form. This will increase your chances of walking away from the event with massive value! We can’t stress enough how big Mega Camp is. It’s easy to get lost in the crowds of people there.

Set up a plan with the team members who are staying home.

If you are leaving team members at home, make sure there is absolute clarity on who is doing what while you are away. Who is checking your emails? Who is taking care of current clients? When will the team be able to contact you? Set up at least one daily call with your Admin or Agents.

During Mega Camp.

You’re at the event, having an amazing time with your new and old friends. How do you make the most of being there?

Take some time to decompress each day. 

Use this time to review your notes and set action items from your sessions. If we go to Mega Camp and soak in information, it won’t do us any good if we just come home with pages of notes with no meaning.

Meet with your team once per day.

If you are attending with your Agent or your Admin, set up a time to meet at least once a day. Use this time to talk about your plans for the day ahead. Make sure everything with the business back home is handled. Review your notes and aha’s together!

Don’t overdo it. 

Austin is a fun place and it’s tempting to run yourself down with social events. Make sure you get plenty of rest for the next day so that you don’t come home completely exhausted and possibly sick!

After Mega Camp.

You’re on the way home, thinking about all of the amazing things you learned at Mega Camp. What do you do with all of this valuable information?

Review your action items from each day and assign them to team members.

Hopefully, you have notes from each day with your specific action items. Compile them and delegate them out to your team. If they are items for you to take care of, block time on your calendar to implement them.

Bring value back to your team.

No matter what position you hold on the team, you can always bring value back to the team members who were unable to attend. Share your aha’s and training as much as you can. You are going to come back more motivated than ever and you can help the team move forward with that motivation.

Create an idea incubator. 

It’s very likely that you will have some big ideas to implement in the business. Before you flip your business upside down and recreate all of your systems, let your bigger ideas sit for a couple of weeks and come back to them when you are able to think through them. Make sure you don’t make big decisions impulsively while on the Mega Camp high.


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