Trainer Tip: Conducting 4-1-1’s

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Accountability is key to the success of any team. Team members who have big goals will need accountability to meet them. 

Most companies set annual goals with their team members and review them in quarterly or annual reviews. With so much time in between meetings, this strategy leaves quite a bit of room for error. What would it look like for you to have a weekly meeting with your team members? 

The 4-1-1 is a great tool for weekly accountability. It breaks down someone’s annual goal into monthly and weekly goals and clarifies what must be accomplished. For more information about the 4-1-1, click here.

Remember: as a leader, your responsibility isn’t to accomplish these goals for them, it’s to give them the tools and support to achieve them.

Strategies to Holding 4-1-1 Meetings:

Be Consistent

Consistency is key to being successful in holding these meetings. If your team member is relying on you to meet at a certain time each week, you cannot miss that meeting. If you consistently miss your meeting with them, it communicates that they are not important. Especially as an Agent, you will have a busy schedule that is ever-changing. Make the 4-1-1 meetings you have with your team of the utmost importance!

Be Curious

If a team member comes to your meeting and hasn’t accomplished their goals, stay in curiosity about what happened. There may be times that the person sitting across from you will be going through deeply personal issues. These things can easily derail us momentarily and it’s important to have an understanding around it!

Be Open and Honest with Feedback

This meeting is a great time to give your team members feedback on their work. If you’ve noticed that they are making the same mistakes consistently, coach them in that area. Your feedback is valuable to their growth! Don’t dance around the issue. Be straightforward and approach it with kindness and candor.

Be Supportive

Finish the meeting by asking if this individual has everything they need to accomplish their goals that week. Ask if there is anything else you can provide to them and if you can support them in any way. This will open the door for them to ask for things they need!


Weekly meetings are a powerful way to connect with your team. If you are struggling with setting up a meeting with your team members, start by putting it on the calendar and making it a non-negotiable appointment. You can only grow from there!

What do your weekly team member meetings look like? Comment your ideas below! 

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