How To Work from Home

With recent events, many of you may find yourself working from home for the first time. Working from home can be challenging if you’re used to working in a busy office environment. Don’t let it kill your productivity!

Focus on the positives of working from home and use the tips below to successfully continue to get work done in this time.


One of the most common struggles of working from home can be motivation to continue to get work finished. This can be especially hard if your family is home with you! Staying motivated is related directly to your mindset. Make sure you start your day with a great breakfast, some time to mentally prepare, and coffee or tea.

Additional Tips:
  • Play upbeat music while you work
  • Take breaks to go outside and renew your energy
  • Set up a designated workspace – don’t work from the kitchen table!

Time Management

Since you’re working from home, you may not have as much accountability or sense of urgency around you. Setting up accountability and structure for yourself will be essential in these next few days and weeks. Time block your calendar and stick to a set schedule for work. Make sure that you reach out to your team often to check in and stay in great communication!

Additional Tips: 
  • Set your hours for the day and work them like you would if you were in the office
  • Take a lunch break!
  • Time block your calendar with one hour time blocks to focus on each item you have to work on – don’t let distractions come into that time block

Family and Distractions 

Parents who are working from home with their kids are going to have to set up structure for them in addition to themselves. If you don’t have outside help right now, make sure you set expectations with your work and with your kids (if they are old enough to understand). Be realistic about what you can accomplish with them there. And remember, we are all in this together! Most clients and team members will be very understanding if you explain that you are home with your children and that they might hear some background noise.

Additional Tips:
  • Create a schedule for the kids with movie time, reading time, outside time, etc.
  • Find projects for older kids to work on that they will enjoy (check out Pinterest!)
  • Prepare snacks and food the night before so you have them ready to go while you are working
  • Time block time with them throughout the day in between their project and movie time

While working from home can be difficult, it can also be very productive! Use this time to get ahead on projects you need to work on if you are running low on work. In addition to that, stay in communication with your team to ensure that you have the socialization you need!

Have you worked from home before? Comment below with your tips!

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