Monthly Archives: June 2020

📢💥💥 GET COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE! If you want to grow, it starts with waking up every day ready to be challenged. Embrace the growing pains so you can grow to be the best version of yourself. Tonight I share tips on how to maximize your true potential by getting comfortable with being uncomfortable! ❤️❤️

📢💥💥 “NO” IS A COMPLETE SENTENCE. When we say Yes to something, we say No to something else. A simple “No” can protect our goals, and protect our path to achieving them.
How I started saying No, so I could say Yes to the things that matter ! ❤️❤️


We hold ourselves back from our true potential! Hear how I learned to stop Eliminating Growth Opportunities from my life! ❤️❤️

Sometimes we have to have The Willingness to Be Willing. There are times when just “Being Willing” may not be enough. ❤️

Brindley opened up and was transparent about how her feelings aren’t facts and helps you recognize that too.

Things don’t always go the way we plan or the way we want. Life is hard. AND nothing worth having comes easy. How I learned to deal with Life on Life’s Terms without leaning on unhealthy behaviors to cope.