Have I found my Empire Builder?

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One of the most rewarding hires that we see on a regular basis is the right hand of an executive. Through time, official “titles” have evolved to more than we can list, and they boil down to the same thing- your partner, your builder, your go-getter, your protector. How do you know if you found that person though? What should you look for? Should they be just like you?

Let’s talk about that by sharing 4 (arguably) fun facts we have uncovered through experience.

#1- (Probably the least favored one) What you think you need is probably not what you actually need.

(Gasp!) I know, sit down, and take a deep breath, we’ll get through this. The default when exploring a hire of this nature is to want someone just like you. You want them to think like you, work like you, dream like you, hire like you, produce like you, and…do you actually, though? This person should be your BALANCE, not your MIRROR. You need someone who thinks about what you may NOT and poses questions that you may not have even thought of. You want someone to hold you accountable, keep the vision, keep the momentum, and fuel the growth. Make sure you are super clear on who you are and how you show up and what you NEED to move your business forward before you accidentally hire someone just like you. The vision is beautiful and the ideas are plentiful, and if there is no execution or implementation, the vision never comes to life, it lives in the “dream” phase.

#2- You actually do NOT know everything there is to know about them by reading their DISC or behavior assessment.

Personality assessments have made a huge debut in recent years as preliminary supplements to applications, with nearly 68% of jobs requiring them for submission for review. These assessments provide an outstanding baseline for conversations, clarifying questions, and learning more about your applicant (and quite frankly- yourself!), and they do not tell you everything you need to know about a person. Hypothetically, a candidate could be a low match in assertiveness yet a high match in protective instincts, and employers may interpret that as a lack of being able to make decisions on behalf of the business and its best interest, and I would ask, does that protective instinct show up as assertiveness when they are acting on behalf of the business and the team they are building with you? I would like to know more. Reducing someone down to a description solely defined by their personality assessment gives you a sea of space to miss great talent.

#3- You actually may NOT want someone who has had their own business before.

This can be easy thought to lean into, after all, someone who has run their own business knows the day-to-day, and what needs to get done to be profitable, right? Sure. Does that necessarily always make them a good fit to partner with you in your business? Nope. When seeking out this person, you need to be really clear and dive into their entrepreneurial spirit and goals. Do they want to ultimately have their own business again? Are they looking for a Segway? Do they want to build something alongside someone and enforce the structure and strength of being a backbone? There are so many different facets to diving into this to gain clarity without assuming that previous business owners are an easy “plug and play” to make your business more successful.

#4-You actually may want someone who IS growth-minded. They may NOT eventually leave you for a new opportunity.

Being growth-minded and driven does not translate the same for everyone, the first step here is understanding what their vision of growth looks like. Where do they want to be? Why do they want to be there? Does this align with your goals? Together, can you create a world big enough for these things to happen? Just because someone wants growth does not mean they will “outgrow” you, it means they are committed to creating a big world for you, themselves, and the future. Stay intentional about that, they will too, and opportunities (in your world) will continue to be endless.

Finding the right person is the key here, it may not always feel quick, and frankly, it shouldn’t. Partnering with someone in business is huge, especially at this magnitude. Honor yourself, your values, your time, and your future in being confident in finding the person you need.

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