Preparation: The Key to The Right Hire

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When it comes to finding talent for your team you need to do an assessment of your needs and your goals to ensure you are hiring to fit your current needs and your future needs as well. What role do you want to play in directing and leading others? Your leadership abilities can greatly impact the longevity of your team members. Are you looking to maintain the level of business that you have and have more balance in your life? Do you want growth and you don’t want to scale a large business?  Is massive growth and building an empire what you are looking for? Do you want to be the one to lead the team, and cast that vision or do you want to be removed and have someone do that for you?  Where do you want to be personally and professionally in 1 year, 5 years, or 10 years?  It is critical that you assess this before you begin the hiring process to ensure you, your team, and the people you hire are set up for success. 

Once you know where you want to go, you should begin assessing what & who you need. What are the soft and hard skills required for the role? You may be wondering…what is the difference between hard skills and soft skills? Why does that matter? Soft skills are non-technical skills that relate to how you work. They are things like communication abilities, adaptability, creativity, and work ethic. Hard skills are learned abilities either through education, experience, or on-the-job training, things such as bookkeeping, database management, and marketing. These are all things that can be taught. 

Knowing this before you begin the hiring process is key as you prep a job description and compose your job posting. Your job description is your internal document – what are the expectations and day-to-day of this role, and what is the trajectory? Your job posting is your marketing piece, what is going to get the type of person you are looking for to say “that’s the job for me!” If you are looking for a driver that will be a key part of taking your business to that next level use words that speak to that, ie: Driver, Intraprenureal, Builder, etc. What are those key hard and soft skills you are looking for?  Keep your posting simple – this is a quick hit, eye-catching description of the position.  

Ensure you are hiring the right fit for the role. A driver is not going to be content or last in an environment where they do not have growth, they have to see upward momentum and a growth trajectory to get them to where they want to be. The flip side of that is someone who is not a driver will not last in a high-growth role. They are people that are more oriented to consistency and routine, they are not change-oriented.

Clarity on what your goals are and where you want your business to go and hiring to that will result in greater longevity and overall satisfaction for both you and your team. 

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