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This is a high-growth opportunity! The Listings Coordinator is an individual who may earn the right to be a Listings Manager, and ultimately grow within the Team to become an EA or DOO to assist the CEO in the growth and profitability of the Team! The Listings Coordinator is passionate about achievement and draws energy from working with people.

This individual may be assigned various listing duties, such as adding incoming listings to tracking and task management systems, establishing timelines and expectations for clients, launching marketing action plans for listings, generating leads from targeted advertisements on social platforms, providing high-level fiduciary advice on pricing strategies and market statistics, and assist Sellers/Agents with vendors and any other needs from compliance documents to photography. The Listings Coordinator will relish the opportunity to take on greater responsibilities and will be eager to demonstrate his/her ability to push the Team closer to achieving its goals.

The Listings Coordinator is deeply committed to the team achieving greater and greater levels of success, as well as to growing his/her own skills and developing into a leader within the Team. As he/she succeeds in the role, this person may ultimately be responsible for hiring, training, and leading additional listing team members to profitable results.


  • Funds Matching IRA
  • Profit Sharing
  • Financial Wealth & Goal Planning Tools
  • Paid Holidays

Highest Impact Traits

Structure: The target for this trait is medium-high. People in this range naturally focus on maintaining a structured environment and processing work in an organized manner. They are receptive to rules and regulations and to specific criteria for measuring success. While they prefer to avoid routine work and delays, they see the importance of carefully attending to crucial details.

Vocabulary: The target for this trait is high. People in this range learn easily and quickly from their environments. They pick up new information readily and learn rapidly when circumstances change. They typically make use of a wide range of acquired experience and knowledge in making decisions, deciding on a course of action, or adjusting to a changing environment.

Logical Problem Solving: The target for this trait is medium-high. People in this range have a good ability to solve complex problems logically. They are able to pull difficult issues apart to deal with the components one by one. They like being able to think through a problem or solution in order to present it carefully and logically to others.

Medium Impact Traits 

Assertiveness: The target for this trait is low medium. People in this range are naturally conservative in their actions. They prefer to think things through and to gauge potential outcomes before taking action. They are not typically demanding nor do they have the need to dominate other people or situations.

Responsiveness: The target for this trait is low medium. People in this range maintain a useful degree of responsiveness and time sensitivity while avoiding impulsive or rash reactions. They are motivated to meet deadlines and organizational standards while keeping activities running smoothly and projects under control.

Sociability: The target for this trait is low. People in this range are usually selective and purposeful in their communications. They prefer working with familiar people and developing relationships over time. They will be most productive working alone or in small, stable work groups. When working with others, they strongly prefer to engage in interactions with a work-related goal.

Lowest Impact Traits 

Intensity: The target for this trait is medium-high. People in this range like to deal directly and energetically with obstacles at work. They feel a strong emotional drive to overcome difficulties and develop solutions when problems arise.

Rapid Problem Solving: The target for this trait is medium-high. People in this range can solve problems in rapid succession using a quick, intuitive approach. They like to have new issues to deal with every day. They can typically handle smaller issues quickly and move on to the next one without pausing.

Optimism: The target for this trait is medium. People in this range are generally friendly and have a positive attitude toward others. They tend to take people and situations at face value unless there is some reason to be skeptical.

Adaptability: The target for this trait is medium. People in this range are concerned about doing what is correct according to accepted standards. They will typically be fair and consistent, but they will not compromise on important issues.

Spatial Visualization: The target for this trait is medium. People in this range have some ability to work and think in three dimensions. This helps them deal with structural or spatial tasks involving concrete things.


These are the standards a well-above-average performer will maintain or exceed:

  • Process new listings, establish and maintain client rapport, manage timelines, review compliance docs, compose addendums for Agents, input listings into MLS, handle all client communication at a high level as the main POC, assist agents with showings, review feedback, schedule Open Houses with sellers.
  • Develop expert knowledge regarding local market conditions and pricing trends and share that data with the Seller effectively.
  • Consult with clients to ensure fiduciary service of the real estate transaction from initial contact through contract to close.

Essential duties and responsibilities 

  •  Provide high-level fiduciary advice on pricing strategies
  • May consult with sellers to accomplish necessary repairs, improvements, and cleaning
  • Evaluate showing feedback and reevaluate pricing as needed


  • CEO - as appropriate
  • DOO - daily
  • Agents/Sellers vendors - daily

Management Responsibilities

  • Direct the Assistant Listings Manager in day-to-day operations


  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Results-oriented and have the ability to take charge
  • Learning based
  • Ambitious with proven ability to succeed
  • Willing to learn scripts and dialogues
  • High school graduate
  • Real Estate License
  • 1-3 years of industry, sales, and customer service experience preferred
Job Benefits

$32,000 - $36,000 yearly

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September 8, 2022
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Position: Listings Coordinator HOME ADVISORS TEAM TAMPA, FL US