Leverage Summit with Form

Your Realty Leverage is excited to announce our 2022 Leverage Summit on November 10th and 11th in Tampa, FL.

Join us to mastermind with and learn from some of the most influential agents & operations pros in the industry. Integrators and Visionaries must attend together to make the most impact so bring your Agent/Admin partnership to get the most out of this event and be ready to walk out with tons of new growth opportunities as a person, a team, and a partnership.

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Jessica Thomas
DOO with John Pace, Pace of Richmond

"I attended a mastermind event and I took so many notes! I’ve watched so many webinars and YouTube playbacks - YRL are the real MVPs! Thank you to this community for sharing your wins and your fail forwards. Together everyone achieves more!"

Stacey Cotter
DOO with The Cory Lauer Group

"YRL gets the best of the best into one room. I have a good idea in regards to implementing, and attending YRL Events has allowed me to mastermind with others in higher positions and gain the knowledge needed to implement Agent to Agent referral contests, client events, agent accountability measures, etc. I have gained friendship and mentorship thanks to YRL Events.

I think Ops should attend because of the wealth of knowledge you will gain, and Agents should attend so they realize what is truly going on behind the scenes and gain perspective behind the curtain."

Elizabeth Jefferson
Owner of Leverage Leaders

"I started my real estate journey as a licensed realtor and discovered I enjoyed the operations side more than sales. I had heard of Your Realty Leverage, but it wasn’t until I heard Brindley Tucker speak at KW Family Reunion that my entire career path changed. YRL is committed to creating the most amazing operations teams for agents. Their paid and free trainings are outstanding. I can safely say that every system I use in the day-to-day operations of my team is rooted in either a class or coaching session lead by Your Realty Leverage. Their leadership and mentoring helped me lead my team to be in the top 5% of our market center."