Leverage Your Way To Freedom

Tara Smith

Team Leader & Operating Principal


"Brindley was absolutely amazing! We hosted her class in 2 Market Centers. One office was primarily our Top 20% and she received raving reviews. Many said it was the best training we had for top agents in over 4 years. She’s phenomenal and I highly recommend her class!"

Angie Scott



"I learned so much today. I really appreciate the eye-opening of what I have always known to work, but have not been able to implement. Ready for changes and next steps. Thank you so much!!!! Not enough words for appreciation of how much this class has done."

Ann Allen



"That was one of the BEST sessions on how to run my business efficiently!"

Wendy Huff



"I was blessed with being able to attend "Leverage Your Way to Freedom". Brindley was amazing and very personable to everyone who attended. She knows her "stuff" and explains it to others in a very "come from contribution" way. So many AHA's to implement into my business, which I have already started to do and can already see a difference in my mindset and business practices. Trust me when I say the next time I see a training with her name on it I will be in attendance."

Dillon Gantos

Director of Operations


"In my time with Keller Williams, this is by far the best course/training that I have had the pleasure to partake in. (That says a lot because, as a lifelong learner, I take almost everything offered)."