Our Coaches


Each of our coaches has been carefully, hand-selected to work with our clients. They must meet an extensive list of criteria, currently be working in the field, complete a thorough 90-day onboarding program and continue to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. Our coaches are held accountable to their clients' RESULTS.

Vice President of Coaching & Consulting

Alana has been with The Loken Group of Houston, TX for 7 1/2 years and currently serves as Vice President of Operations. She is responsible for coaching and training the administrative staff, creation and implementation of systems, and process excellence. Alana is passionate about building trusting relationships with customers and colleagues by maintaining a strong, positive culture and motivating teammates to meet high-performance standards. She will maintain her current role within The Loken Group as some of the most valuable lessons come from being in the “trenches” with fellow administrative professionals.

As Alana shared with us, "I am looking forward to growing other admin into their full personal and professional potential through coaching and mentorship and am also excited about the opportunity to work for my first coach (Brindley Tucker) and her incredible staff on this next chapter!"

Coach & Consultant

Valerie has been in the real estate industry for six years and is the Director of Operations for Knighton Real Estate Advisors, one of Canada’s top three real estate teams.  Valerie is extremely passionate about helping others and spends a lot of her free time learning and educating herself so she continues to show up 1% better every day.  She is NLP certified and a John Maxwell Certified Coach.  Her certifications and Valerie comes equipped with Valerie’s most recent accomplishment was the publishing of her 1st book. Title Empire Builders - systems and models to build a successful business.

Valerie's favorite role is Mom to three incredible little men who have proudly made her a hockey/soccer mom. Valerie’s mission is to inspire others through her actions, laugh at herself so others experience joy, give before she receives, and lead with passion and kindness that encourages others to follow.

Jen Napoli


Jen Napoli is Director of Operations, Carolinas Dream Team - Keller Williams. I was born and raised in New Jersey and moved to the greater Charlotte, NC area with my family in 2016! My husband, daughter Leila, and I were looking for a new adventure, and we fell in love with Fort Mill, SC. It was absolutely perfect for us...A quiet, family-oriented community but also close enough to the hustle and bustle of city life in Charlotte. Our little family of three is now a foursome with the addition of my youngest, Hannah. Our area is perfect for our lifestyle- we enjoy hiking the local greenways, exploring new restaurants in Charlotte, and visiting the beaches in the Carolinas.

I spent most of my professional life in healthcare where I discovered that my true passion is helping others and making an impact. When an opportunity in real estate presented itself, I took the leap and the journey has been nothing short of incredible!

I love that I have the chance to work alongside the most inspirational people, have the opportunity to learn new things everyday, and follow my passion of impacting my community. I am so excited for this incredible opportunity I have as a coach that will allow me to continue to do what I love most!

Arpine Breaux


Arpine Breaux is a CEO in Contract to Close Services, LLC. Arpine has held her Texas Real Estate License since 2005. She is designated as a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) and brings over 16+ years of contract experience. Prior to relocating to Texas and becoming a Licensed Realtor, Arpine was a Real Estate Executive Assistant and a Market Center Administrator (MCA) in Louisiana. Her expertise is in negotiation repairs and managing all aspects of the workflow from contract to close. She has processed well over 3500+ transactions. As CEO of Contract to Close Services, LLC, she oversees and directs all aspects of the in-house Listing and Transaction functions of the business which includes an Executive Assistant, a Social Media Coordinator, Listing Coordinators, and Transaction Coordinators. In addition, Arpine takes an active role in marketing the business, communicating and coordinating with new and existing Real Estate Agent clients as well as Lenders, Title Companies, and Co-op Agents to ensure smooth transactions. She is a member of Keller Williams’ Master Faculty for real estate training and is also qualified to mentor and coach experienced and newly Licensed Real Estate Agents.


Shannan Campolongo - 🍁 DOO Coach (Canadian Division), Your Realty Leverage, Inc. Operations Manager in McCarroll Team. Shannan has enjoyed working in the real estate industry for over 15 years, having worked alongside lawyers and agents she knows the industry inside and out. She is the Operations Manager for the McCarroll Real Estate Team, an investment-focused real estate team.

Shannan has a passion for helping others succeed and creating the tools and systems required for success. Shannan has an incredible track record of cultivating positive team culture and productivity. In her spare time, Shannan can be found reading a good book, chasing after her busy son, working out, or planning the next family adventure!


Kayla is the Director of Operations for ThinkLiveBe team created by Kathryn Stelljes and powered by Keller Williams. She has dedicated her growth to becoming a force on the operational side of the real estate industry.  Passionate about helping others achieve their ultimate potential, Kayla is focused on leveraging people and systems to allow agents to provide the best experience possible for their clients.  With a background in the medical and hospitality industry, she is consistent in her need for detail and organization as well as genuine customer care.  Kayla is also the chapter president of Orlando’s KWYP chapter, as well as a member of her local toastmaster's chapter.

Coach & Consultant

Russell is an Associate Broker who has been with The Stern Team for over 6 years. He is the Director of Operations overseeing the financials, marketing systems, and strategies, along with the transactions. He attended BYU and graduated with a degree in business management. He has an extensive background in running small businesses along with sales. He has been in the real estate industry since 2008. During that time he has worked as a sales agent, worked for a law firm that specializes in short sales and helping homeowners in default, a title company, a transaction coordinator with The Stern Team, and now the Director of Operations.


A Midwest native, Mandy has been in the Houston area for the last seven years, all of which have been spent working in the Real Estate Industry. For the last three years, Mandy has been a Listing Partner with The Loken Group where she provides providing listing support for three of the team's top listing producers. Mandy closes, from agreement signed to close, over 200 files a year.  Her passion is to help everyone around her see and grow into their potential.   In her spare time, she loves spending time with her 2 kiddos, reading, writing, and finding her zen in yoga.  Mandy is also a published author.


Dawn Kelly started her Real Estate career in 2005 as a receptionist at a brokerage in San Diego. In the following years, she worked for top producers and eventually moved into the role of team manager and transaction coordinator.  In 2016 Dawn Kelly branched out on her own and started New Dawn Transactions.  Dawn Kelly and her team close over 500 transactions a year and work with multiple Brokerages and Realtors all over California.


Shanda Macomber, as CEO for Be Happy TC, is the driving force for the success of the growing independent transaction coordinator company. She has been in the Real Estate business since 1999 and has worked as both an Operation Manager as well as a Transaction Coordinator. Shanda and her team have closed over 10,000 files and know-how unique and important the details of each file are. She is passionate about helping others learn and seeing them grow to their full potential. When she is not working Shanda enjoys spending time with her husband, River, and her 2 dogs and cat.


Terry Johnson -  DOO in Capital Homes Specialists. I am a native Texan, born and raised in San Antonio. I am married to an amazing partner who has been a great support system and I also have a fur baby that makes life fun and interesting! I moved to Louisiana in 2012 and entered the real estate world in 2015. I have a passion for helping people grow professionally as well as personally, and helping them set a road map so they can live a life by design. I look forward to helping others reach their full potential!


Courtney Jasinski - DOO in The Flanagan Group. She's been in the business for 2.5 years and I started out as the Transaction Coordinator for the buyers' agents on our team! As our team grew I stepped more into the DofO role with less intention than I'd like. I just started wearing more hats until we realized I might be good at that role so we should probably prepare for it! I had no background knowledge in the real estate industry and the TC job quite literally fell into my lap as my rainmaker swooped in and stole me from another potential job. This might sound extreme, but serving the team is quite literally the joy of my life. I think I would like to give back to the admin/ops community by sharing what I have learned from having a TC/Agent relationship and then what's been like going from a TC (peer) to a DofO (direct supervisor to my peers) and doing it as the youngest person on the team. Here's a little bit about the most important thing I have learned :

As I moved into the Director of Ops role I realized just how important it is to remember that the people on your team are just people. They have hopes, dreams, personal struggles, traumas, and incredible strengths. When I first started I worked really closely with a buyers agent and we developed strong communication and built out the buy-side together knowing that if we worked together we could lean in on the fact that we have different strengths/weaknesses that would work together to create a solid foundation. I think that thought is really what pushes me to want to give back to the admin/agent relationships and show agents and admin that you don't have to create friction by focusing solely on where you are different or "better" in certain aspects. It is so important to celebrate each other's differences because one side couldn't do it without the other.

Our team is made up of 16 people. We have 6 producing agents (2 buyers agents, 3 listing agents, and 1 commercial), 2 showing agents, 1 ISA, 2 Transaction Coordinators, 1 Listing Coordinator, 1 Marketing director, 1 Property Manager, Me (Director of Ops), and an agent that works primarily in Equity and Inclusion teachings. Our team is hyper-focused on our internal culture! We closed 681 units in 2021 / 148,178,154 in volume! (average price was $217,429).

Grew up in Arkansas and never saw myself in Real Estate - this world quite literally fell into my lap and I am so thankful for what I have learned and the people I have met along the way.

Interested in Becoming a Coach?

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