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Relevant experience is imperative –the absolute most important quality–to look for when hiring a great transaction coordinator. Be sure that the candidate for the TC role has experience  in your geographic area and fully understands the dos and don’ts of real estate in your state or specialization. 

Be sure to check references. Speak with previous clients before you decide that a candidate is right for the transaction coordinator job. Gain a full understanding of how the TC handles the transaction from contract to close. Remember, it’s the role of the TC  to offload some of the tasks keeping you from focusing on your 20%. A good TC should help to ease a real estate agent’s stress and workload. Make sure the candidate is nimble and able to switch gears quickly and is  adept at problem solving. Try your best to really understand their abilities before onboarding them and introducing your real estate business to them.

7 Qualities of a Good Transaction Coordinator

So, you’ve done all your research, had your interviews and completed your homework but still aren’t sure. How can you tell if you’ve found the right real estate transaction coordinator? Let the seven below qualities be your guide.

  • Makes  Decisions Quickly 

If the transaction coordinator possesses problem-solving skills along with emotional intelligence, this will be quickly evident. If your new recruit has the ability to jump in and take on the reins with little to no supervision from you, you’ve got a winner. This level of confidence comes from experience, so be sure your TC has extensive experience closing transactions.

  • Pays Attention to the Details

You’ll know your TC is good if they check the fine print, are comfortable following up with all the parties involved in a transaction, and are not easily distracted. If your real estate deals start running more smoothly, this is a large indication you’ve got the right person doing the job.

  • Embraces Routine

Structure and organization are key skills for a transaction coordinator. If your TC is dedicated to following a certain process,has checklists and also creates detailed to-do lists, these are great indicators that you have chosen the right person for the job. 

  • Pivots Easily 

Even though an emphasis on routine is important, so is flexibility. It is absolutely necessary to be nimble when issues or the unexpected pops up.. Having routines and processes helps to be able to pivot when curveballs arise.

  • Fits in Culturally

Whether your transaction coordinator is remote or inhouse, it’s important that they exude the qualities of culture you have taken the time to grow at your office. Are your agents more productive and less-stressed? Do you have a good customer satisfaction rate? Then you’ve found a good real estate transaction coordinator! This person fits in and improves the overall experiences for everyone around them. 

  • Communicates Clearly and Thoroughly

Being able to clearly and easily communicate with pretty much anyone is a needed quality in a TC. When you see how comfortable, helpful and professional a TC is when communicating with agents, customers and vendors on the phone or through email, you can be satisfied that you have found someone good for the role. 

Additionally, a real estate transaction coordinator should be able to “read the room”. When they can adjust the way they address others and pick up on all the idiosyncrasies of each individual, these are tell-tell signs you’ve got a winner on your team.

  • Has a Passion for Paperwork

Believe it or not, there are people who love the complex paperwork that needs to be done in real estate transactions. If your new transaction coordinator is happily tackling their work with zest and contentment, this is a key indicator that you have found a good fit.

Successful Transactions Start With Your TC

Success during a real estate transaction starts with a qualified, competent, and experienced transaction coordinator. Your Realty Leverage offers Transaction and Listing Management services that are proven and streamlined. Our experienced transaction coordinators are here to make your life easier.

The YRL Admin Services department provides immediate, dependable leverage to agents, teams and brokerages. During this market shift, look to YRL to partner with you to ensure success. With Your Realty Leverage, you can enjoy services provided on a per listing/transaction basis, use us as much or as little as you need and/or fill the gap that exists due to downsizing in a shifting market.

Let YRL ease your stress and your workload. Simply go to https://submitafile.com today to get started. If your TC is looking to level up their skills, we also have coaching available!

Shanda Macomber
Owner, CEO of Be Happy TC
Coach, Your Leverage Coach
Direct (Call or Text): 951-474-1938
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Well, this summer certainly came in like a wrecking ball! We are teetering on August and that means the majority of people are getting the last bit of vacation in. Probably even more so this year than ever!


So if you are sitting there dreaming of being poolside sipping on mojitos and still want a flourishing business, there are a few steps to take to make that happen. We all deserve downtime, self care is essential to a thriving you AND a thriving business. Here are five ways to set up your business to carry you through the rest of the summer and set yourself up for success for the remainder of the year.


1. Master your mornings: you may be thinking “where is she going with this” but let me tell ya.. The way you start the day is a big indicator of how the rest of your day is going to pan out. Wouldn’t you rather have a peaceful morning where you are not rushed for time and feeling like you are ahead of your day instead of rolling out of bed and rushing to the office with no time to stop for coffee? This is where you set yourself up for success. Get yourself out of bed, meditate if that’s your thing, go to the gym, journal your gratitude or intentions for the day. Get yourself prepared for what’s to come and start your day with the energy that you can conquer it all.


2. Timeblock: this one is HUGE. You need to lay out your day, have a clear picture of what the expectations are for the day so you can execute them properly. Your calendar should be planned a week in advance so that when Monday comes you are not flying by the seat of your pants. In your schedule you should have everything laid out, I recommend starting by filling in your non negotiables (Dr appts, childrens extracurriculars etc) and then move on to the daily tasks you have (for instance if you are a realtor or ISA you should have consistent lead generating time) and then move on to meetings/work related appts etc. Be sure to review your schedule for the next day every evening so you know what to expect for the next day.


3. Stick to your schedule: This is HUGE and sounds WAY easier than it actually is. We all know life and distractions can get in the way. However if we are building a business we have to act like it. We have time blocked our day for a reason and sure there are going to be times that there are conflicts with it that you just cannot escape, however that is when you have to erase and replace. Just because something came up during your time blocked lead generation time does not mean you can just skip it… you need to make time somewhere else.


4. Maintain your self care: This is also a big one and is vital to a growing business. We as entrepreneurs have a tendency to work ALL the time. While that is great, we are passionate about our careers, we need to make ourselves a priority too. Schedule in that self care time, weather it is an hour a day or a half day each week, this time is important to unwind, breathe and have those moments to yourself without the hustle and bustle of work ,/p>

5. When you are taking a day off or on vacation UNPLUG: we all deserve time off. When you are enjoying the last bit of your summer please remember to unplug. Set your vacation time up for success by making sure you have someone covering your business. YOU DESERVE IT!