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Tracking tasks and action items effectively is a necessary skill you will need to master in the Administrative role. Your system for keeping track of daily, weekly, monthly, or long-term tasks could make or break your success in this position. Your Agent will be giving you various tasks and action items during the day and week and will expect you to be able to track and follow up on them even when they are long-term tasks or projects.

To master the workflow of incoming new tasks or action items, here are 5 steps we can take.

Capture: Get it out of your head!! Here are a few suggestions for where to store these tasks or action items as they are working their way out of yours or your Agent’s brains!

  • Intake list: Possibly a google form to fill out with any new ideas 
  • Shared notepad
  • App on your phone: Evernote, Lists, Reminders
  • Email folder: Labeled “Projects” or Tasks”

Clarify: Is it actionable? What are the steps?

  • Is it something you need to work on or something you need to know? 
  • What is the priority level? 
  • What is the deadline? 
  • Who else needs to know about this? 

Organize: Where does it go next? 

  • Priority list – Daily Priority Report
  • Transactions – Add item to transaction checklist in CRM 
  • Folders/ Labels/ Tags – in your email (Projects: Clients, Templates, Recurring, ect)
  • Online system: ToDoist, Trello, Google Tasks

Reflect: Check in daily and weekly

  • Review your list of completed projects and daily to-do list
  • Plan for the week or day ahead. Adding to your calendar using TIme Blocks 
  • Look for items you have missed
  • Check through your texts and voicemail before leaving

Engage: Trust your intuition 

  • What are you able to complete? 
  • What is the highest priority? 
  • Do you have the energy to complete it? 
  • Do you have the time to complete it? 

An important thing to keep in mind is that not everything that needs to be done will be a short-term action item. When your Agent drops an idea that’s more of a “someday” idea, make sure that you have a system for tracking and revisiting those ideas as well! 

    • Projects
      • multi-steps
    • Waiting/Follow-up 
      • for someone else to do or needing follow up
    • Next Action/High Priority
      • to do as soon as I can
    • Reference
      • might be needed in the future
    • Someday/Maybe
      • to do as soon as I can
    • Completed
      • tasks that are completed

Since it’s your responsibility to own your action items, it’s important to set up a system you feel works well for you! It’s also your responsibility to keep your agent updated on action items without them having to follow up with you. When you have ownership of these tasks and action items, you will be able to get more done and achieve more in your role.  


Author: Becki Seay
Trainer, Your Realty Leverage, Inc.
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