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Well, this summer certainly came in like a wrecking ball! We are teetering on August and that means the majority of people are getting the last bit of vacation in. Probably even more so this year than ever!


So if you are sitting there dreaming of being poolside sipping on mojitos and still want a flourishing business, there are a few steps to take to make that happen. We all deserve downtime, self care is essential to a thriving you AND a thriving business. Here are five ways to set up your business to carry you through the rest of the summer and set yourself up for success for the remainder of the year.


1. Master your mornings: you may be thinking “where is she going with this” but let me tell ya.. The way you start the day is a big indicator of how the rest of your day is going to pan out. Wouldn’t you rather have a peaceful morning where you are not rushed for time and feeling like you are ahead of your day instead of rolling out of bed and rushing to the office with no time to stop for coffee? This is where you set yourself up for success. Get yourself out of bed, meditate if that’s your thing, go to the gym, journal your gratitude or intentions for the day. Get yourself prepared for what’s to come and start your day with the energy that you can conquer it all.


2. Timeblock: this one is HUGE. You need to lay out your day, have a clear picture of what the expectations are for the day so you can execute them properly. Your calendar should be planned a week in advance so that when Monday comes you are not flying by the seat of your pants. In your schedule you should have everything laid out, I recommend starting by filling in your non negotiables (Dr appts, childrens extracurriculars etc) and then move on to the daily tasks you have (for instance if you are a realtor or ISA you should have consistent lead generating time) and then move on to meetings/work related appts etc. Be sure to review your schedule for the next day every evening so you know what to expect for the next day.


3. Stick to your schedule: This is HUGE and sounds WAY easier than it actually is. We all know life and distractions can get in the way. However if we are building a business we have to act like it. We have time blocked our day for a reason and sure there are going to be times that there are conflicts with it that you just cannot escape, however that is when you have to erase and replace. Just because something came up during your time blocked lead generation time does not mean you can just skip it… you need to make time somewhere else.


4. Maintain your self care: This is also a big one and is vital to a growing business. We as entrepreneurs have a tendency to work ALL the time. While that is great, we are passionate about our careers, we need to make ourselves a priority too. Schedule in that self care time, weather it is an hour a day or a half day each week, this time is important to unwind, breathe and have those moments to yourself without the hustle and bustle of work ,/p>

5. When you are taking a day off or on vacation UNPLUG: we all deserve time off. When you are enjoying the last bit of your summer please remember to unplug. Set your vacation time up for success by making sure you have someone covering your business. YOU DESERVE IT!

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Can professor X be my EA please?

Telepathy is the superpower that allows you to read a person’s thoughts.  Professor X is a gifted fictional character in X-man and he has this superpower.  He can read minds and in his story he can also manipulate minds.  He’s someone I would definitely want on my bus, especially at the negotiating table.


Professor X also known as Xavier, is best known for the creation of a device called the Cerebro, a technology that serves to detect and track those individuals possessing the mutant or gifted gene, at the same time greatly expanding the gifts of those with existing psionic abilities through his schooling & mentorship.


I use this as an extreme relation to being an EA that is held to an impossible standard.   We’re expected to create our version of a Cerebro and enhance the production & experience of those who need them.   AKA we need to build something that sees all gaps and opportunities which in turn will  enhance the support & experience for executives & the consumers of the businesses.


Being held to a standard as an EA is fine, Being held to an impossible standard isn’t always going to play out as one may dream.


Can we seem like we’re mind readers with incredible super powers?  Sure.   And to me how we “seem”   goes hand in hand with the analogy of the swimming duck.  Where the duck is kicking like Christano Ronaldo under the water and has their graceful sway above the water.   Or that iceberg image that has all the positive enticing words like success, dreams, money, happiness, at the top of the iceberg and below it you see the not so woo hoo words like focus, work, discipline, missed events, tight budgets, etc..   Looks can be deceiving.


Because we work so closely with our executive as their EA we have a different relationship.  We begin to move with the same tempo and beat.   We nearly have silent communication after quite some time of working with this tempo or beat and we are able to sense the slight shifts of our each others tones, mannerisms, or facial expression  And because of this silent communication we can mistakenly assume just that.  We have heard silent communication.   The executives move quickly and with this assumption of heard silent communication floating in the air  they jump right onto the moving car and this is now the “how it is” The EA can now ANTICIPATE MY NEEDS and bam I can drop it and focus on that thing I know I want, need, desire, dream to have done.


As EA’s we have the ability to look at things at a much slower pace than that of our executives.  We move behind the scenes & watch things evolve from a level executives just can’t or sometimes won’t.  At this level, in our cheap seats,  we have the ability to see patterns & habits, gaps & opportunities that can be undetected.  We have the ability to see that one man way down the field who is wide open, ready for the quarterback to throw him the ball. We have an ability – Our ability is just that: an ability.    Ability means “the power or capacity to do or ACT physically, mentally, legally, morally, financially, etc. We have the CAPABILITY and POWER to do something when we have the ability.  So when we truly put in the exercise & discipline to work that ability we can see and begin to predict things to happen well before it even becomes a thought of a thought to our executives.


We can “seem” like we’re capable of being your professor X and the reality is we’re not quite THAT amazing AND when we put our learned & sharpened tools to work we can look pretty damn amazing.


This is all a lot of talking and the truth is you have to believe in your ability before you can begin to sharpen these tools and put them into action.  You have to hear that the right EA has the desire to want this ability – we want to be ahead of you, we need to be ahead of you and in the beginning we need to learn HOW and as long as we know our why before we worry about the how the journey to development and growth because it’s way more exciting.

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It’s the million-dollar question every business professional asks, so let’s explore what really makes an effective assistant.

  • Adaptability
    • Demonstrates flexibility in the face of change
    • Projects a positive demeanor regardless of changes in working conditions
    • Shows the ability to manage multiple conflicting priorities without loss of composure
  • Organization
    • Time Management
      • Determines the appropriate allocation of time
    • Space Management
      • Effectively manages the workspace (i.e. keeps a clean and organized office, appropriately handles all paperwork, maintains control over the physical environment, etc.)
    • Task Management
      • Balances conflicting priorities in order to manage workflow, ensure the completion of essential projects, and meet critical deadlines
  • Proactive Anticipation of Needs
    • Demonstrates the ability to foresee problems and prevent them by taking action
    • Utilizes analytical skills and a broad understanding of the business to effectively interpret needs
  • Communication Skills
    • Listening skills
      • Understands that the most important aspect of communication is the act of listening and actively works to improve those skills
    • Oral
      • Speaks with confidence using clear, concise sentences and is easily understood
    • Written
      • Produces well thought‐out, professional correspondence free of grammatical and spelling errors
    • Client Service
      • Interacts professionally with clients and associates at all times
      • Promptly responds to requests with accuracy and a courteous demeanor
  • Broad Understanding of Business Concepts
    • Demonstrates an awareness of fundamental business principles as well as an understanding of the overall industry in which the business operates
  • Team Player
    • Works as a competent member of the team, willingly providing back‐up support for co‐workers when appropriate and actively supporting group goals
  • Computer/Technical Skills
    • Displays proficiency using standard office equipment such as a computer, fax, photocopier, scanner, etc.
    • Demonstrates advanced proficiency by quickly adapting to new technology and easily acquiring new technical skills
  • Judgment
    • Exhibits sound judgment and the ability to make reasonable decisions in the absence of direction
    • Swiftly refers problems/issues to the appropriate person(s) when necessary
    • Works effectively without constant and direct supervision or guidance
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We know real estate agents do a lot more than show homes, submit offers, and procure the keys to a client’s new home. There’s no doubt there are a ton of transactions throughout the process of buying and selling homes. The paperwork can soak up every minute of a realtor’s day leaving you no time to provide face-to-face customer service to clients.

A transaction coordinator steps in and takes over processing all of the paperwork a real estate agent is required to do for each client. When you need an expert in contracts, to ensure contractual compliance, or to track the important deadlines and contingencies, you need a transaction coordinator.

What Goes Into a Real Estate Transaction?

When people buy and sell homes, there are hours upon hours spent on phone calls, showing homes, hosting open houses, and tons of paperwork. Negotiations have to be made, offers have to be presented, and hours need to be spent speaking to clients to make sure you’re meeting all of their needs.

It isn’t uncommon for real estate agents to spend long hours at the office, or driving between meetings and open houses, seven days a week. Let’s face it, real estate is all about customer service and people aren’t easy to please these days. The last thing they want to hear is that you, their realtor, are unavailable because you’re doing paperwork, or learning the broker compliance system and not focused on their house hunt.

In order to keep clients as happy as possible, you’ll need to be available to your clients, and the best way to make this happen is an extremely organized, professional, and detail-oriented transaction coordinator.

How a Transaction Coordinator (also known as a Closing Coordinator) Assists Real Estate Agents

When a realtor is starting out, doing all of the transactions is important to learn all of the processes and how to handle issues if they arise. Plus, it saves on your budgets if you don’t have tons of clients.

However, keeping every transaction for every client organized and under control becomes a full-time job. This full-time coordinating makes it impossible for an agent to grow a business. Real estate agents need to provide lots of attention to clients, and when you’re buried in paperwork, there’s not enough time to show the required attention to your clients.

Instead of dealing with things like:

  • Seller’s transactions (initial contracts all the way through to final agreements)
  • Keeping track of the contractual contingencies and deadlines
  • Maintaining communications between clients, agents, loan officers, underwriters, title officers, and escrow

A transaction coordinator, sometimes referred to as a closing coordinator, handles all of the above and much more for you.

Be Happy TC Provides a Seamless Process

If you’re an agency that has realtors:

  • expressing how burnt out they are
  • they have no time to devote to their clients
  • are making mistakes on paperwork
  • missing appointments

It’s time to call Be Happy TC. We’ve been providing excellent transaction coordination services to California real estate professionals. We’re the gateway to successful real estate transactions, the answer to spending more time with clients, and the best way to dedicate even more time to growing your real estate business!

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A lot of us in the Real Estate Industry know the benefits to hiring a great coach, It’s likely that if you are an Agent reading this right now you have a coach. Over the last few years we have seen a massive increase in Operations Coaching within Canada and the US. Its evolved from Group Coaching programs for a large group of Admins, into Elite 1-1 Coaching with a strong focus on Growth for your Ops person/team.

As a Director of Operations for one of the top Real Estate Teams in Canada, I contribute a lot of my success to my Coach. My Team Leader saw the importance of investing in my growth, knowing that it would come full circle back into our team and didn’t hesitate to invest in Coaching to help me grow in my role. In fact he also called it “leverage” for our business. He was able to continue to focus on his top 20% while he knew I had assistance in Operational things that were not necessarily his strengths

I feel so passionate about Operations Coaching and wanted to share 4 great tips why hiring an operations Coach will propel your business and create a world of culture and partnership with You and your Administrator.

#1 – They help you see your blind spots
When I first started coaching, I was really unaware of what I would truly need from a coach. I didn’t know how I would utilize our time together. My Coach spent our first few calls together understanding the business, the vision, and how I wanted to grow in my role. Our team is very fast paced and and often we would get “into the weeds” My Coach was able to bring clarity when I felt lost. I have learned how to maneuver “the weeds” without interrupting my team leader through Coaching.

#2 – They’ve been in the trenches
One of the benefits to finding the right coach is knowing if they have been in the role themselves. Having full knowledge of the role and how effective systems work. One of the reasons Your Realty Leverage Coaches are one of the most sought after Coaches is because they are in the trenches themselves. They all currently run teams, Transaction Companies and live and breath the systems and models of the Real Estate Industry. I know when I was choosing my coach, it was important to me that they knew about the industry I was in and we speak the same language. What better leverage for your Admin than someone who is hands on in the Industry. Or has been there at one point

#3 – Leverage
If you are an Agent reading this, and you wonder if you should invest in a Coach for your Admin – the answer is YES! If you have read this far, you already see the importance of it. Just like when you are training your Admin in their first 30 days, It probably felt overwhelming, and you may or may not have struggled with managing it all. Seek Leverage! Let someone step in and hold your admin accountable to growth plans, Following through on the ultimate vision. Empowering your Admin to grow is one of the most amazing things you can do for us!

#4 – Supporting the Systems and evaluating the business
Having an outside view on systems and models within the business is underestimated, Having an unbiased third party insight to your business is a massive value add within Coaching. One of the things I love about Your Leverage Coaching, is the coaches ability to ask questions around the business, and be able to hold clients accountable to system audits. Which by doing so increases productivity and the Foundation of your systems. The Coaches with Your Realty Leverage are experienced in Systems, and Operations. Having that wisdom handed down to your business and your Admin is an incredible asset to the growth of your business

Coaching is a commitment and when partnered with the right Coach – Your success, your growth have no limit.

When you hire an Admin you make a massive commitment to team growth and more importantly the growth to your hire. This is something to not take lightly. Having a Coach to support your Admin in their goals and the overall goal for the team Allows you the opportunity to continue forward with your foot on the gas and more importantly know you are empowering your team (Admin) to help grow the business as well.

Nothing is more important than when an Agent and Admin are on the same path within the business.
Want to learn more about which one of our coaches at Your Realty Leverage would be a perfect fit for you? Email me at Valerie@yrltalent.com