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A lot of us in the Real Estate Industry know the benefits to hiring a great coach, It’s likely that if you are an Agent reading this right now you have a coach. Over the last few years we have seen a massive increase in Operations Coaching within Canada and the US. Its evolved from Group Coaching programs for a large group of Admins, into Elite 1-1 Coaching with a strong focus on Growth for your Ops person/team.

As a Director of Operations for one of the top Real Estate Teams in Canada, I contribute a lot of my success to my Coach. My Team Leader saw the importance of investing in my growth, knowing that it would come full circle back into our team and didn’t hesitate to invest in Coaching to help me grow in my role. In fact he also called it “leverage” for our business. He was able to continue to focus on his top 20% while he knew I had assistance in Operational things that were not necessarily his strengths

I feel so passionate about Operations Coaching and wanted to share 4 great tips why hiring an operations Coach will propel your business and create a world of culture and partnership with You and your Administrator.

#1 – They help you see your blind spots
When I first started coaching, I was really unaware of what I would truly need from a coach. I didn’t know how I would utilize our time together. My Coach spent our first few calls together understanding the business, the vision, and how I wanted to grow in my role. Our team is very fast paced and and often we would get “into the weeds” My Coach was able to bring clarity when I felt lost. I have learned how to maneuver “the weeds” without interrupting my team leader through Coaching.

#2 – They’ve been in the trenches
One of the benefits to finding the right coach is knowing if they have been in the role themselves. Having full knowledge of the role and how effective systems work. One of the reasons Your Realty Leverage Coaches are one of the most sought after Coaches is because they are in the trenches themselves. They all currently run teams, Transaction Companies and live and breath the systems and models of the Real Estate Industry. I know when I was choosing my coach, it was important to me that they knew about the industry I was in and we speak the same language. What better leverage for your Admin than someone who is hands on in the Industry. Or has been there at one point

#3 – Leverage
If you are an Agent reading this, and you wonder if you should invest in a Coach for your Admin – the answer is YES! If you have read this far, you already see the importance of it. Just like when you are training your Admin in their first 30 days, It probably felt overwhelming, and you may or may not have struggled with managing it all. Seek Leverage! Let someone step in and hold your admin accountable to growth plans, Following through on the ultimate vision. Empowering your Admin to grow is one of the most amazing things you can do for us!

#4 – Supporting the Systems and evaluating the business
Having an outside view on systems and models within the business is underestimated, Having an unbiased third party insight to your business is a massive value add within Coaching. One of the things I love about Your Leverage Coaching, is the coaches ability to ask questions around the business, and be able to hold clients accountable to system audits. Which by doing so increases productivity and the Foundation of your systems. The Coaches with Your Realty Leverage are experienced in Systems, and Operations. Having that wisdom handed down to your business and your Admin is an incredible asset to the growth of your business

Coaching is a commitment and when partnered with the right Coach – Your success, your growth have no limit.

When you hire an Admin you make a massive commitment to team growth and more importantly the growth to your hire. This is something to not take lightly. Having a Coach to support your Admin in their goals and the overall goal for the team Allows you the opportunity to continue forward with your foot on the gas and more importantly know you are empowering your team (Admin) to help grow the business as well.

Nothing is more important than when an Agent and Admin are on the same path within the business.
Want to learn more about which one of our coaches at Your Realty Leverage would be a perfect fit for you? Email me at Valerie@yrltalent.com